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Lies & Truth

Sakura x Hyde

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This is a group featuring L'Arc~en~Ciel's Hyde and Sakura. If you love this couple, you're in the right place ^_^

A couple of rules to follow:
1. You can post anything, as long it's sakuhai or L'Arc related, this includes pieces of information, thoughts, pics, icons, fanfiction or anything else you can think of.
2. Please put pics, fanfiction and other big things under a cut.
3. It would be good if anything not suitable for underage viewers went under 'friends only'.
4. It would be nice if you introduced yourself ^_^.
5. No spam, no flames...
And most importantly, have fun! ^^

Your moderator is inidhil
The current layout is made by _simplenclean_, thanks~! *^^*

We have some special banners, the winners of our first contest! "official" banners, you may call them. Please use them to spread the love!
Te winner of the contest: duos_braid's

And the two runners-up:

and faded_poetry's

♥ ♥ ♥
I you wish to see other banners, please check under the 'contest' tag. ^_^

There are also some old banners made by me:


all made by inidhil

a Sakuhai fanlisting! ^_^

Sakuhai is love.